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Wondering what to expect on tour? This presentation will show you what happens before, during and after the Linden tour.

Applying to the Linden Tour is a competitive process, and tour sizes are limited. In order to participate in a Linden Tour or Fair:

  • Universities must be two-year, four-year and/or graduate-degree granting institutions regionally accredited in the United States.
  • For universities with overseas branches, the participant must represent the home institution.
  • Universities must support and adhere to the NAFSA Code of Ethics, provide ongoing services for international students and follow the NACAC guidelines at all fairs.
  • Participants must be full-time, campus-based officials with at least one year of experience at their institutions. The most effective representatives have knowledge of foreign credentials and their institutions' policies on granting transfer credit.
  • Universities may send more than one representative on any given tour. As a general rule, the cost is about 60% of the full price. For specific prices, please contact the Linden office.
  • Please note that the Linden Tours are limited to university representatives. Relatives and/or friends are not allowed to accompany the entire tour; however, arrangements can be made for others to join for one city on the tour.

For more information about participation, please contact Linden@lindentours.com


Interested in traveling with us? Here’s the process:

1. Application Procedure

1. Application Procedure


  • To apply for a Linden Tour or Fair, please submit the appropriate online application form and a deposit of US$2,000 (not required for fairs only) before the deadline date.
  • Representatives from universities new to the Linden Tour will be interviewed by telephone by a member of the Advisory Committee.
  • A fee of $250 will be charged to tour members and $100 to fairs-only participants for applications received after the priority application deadline.


2. Cancellation Policy

2. Tour/Fair Cancellation Policy


  • Application Deadline to 60 days prior to the tour:
    90% of refundable charges
    59 to 45 days before tour starts: 70% of refundable charges
    45 to 30 days before tour starts: 50% of refundable charges
    0-29 days before fair starts: 10% of refundable charges
  • Tour deposit is non-refundable (applies to full tour, consecutive city and cities option participants only)


3. Participant Selection

3. Participant Selection


  • Preference will be given to universities that participated on the tour the previous season and submit the application before the deadline.
  • Preference will be given to universities doing more than one tour consecutively; i.e., India & Sri Lanka and Asia.
  • Selection will be made by the Linden Advisory Committee at the end of June for fall tours.
  • Linden recommends a one-day, on-campus consultationfor all universities participating in their first Linden Tour. The goal of the consultation is to communicate information to the university about the international student market as well as to help the tour member prepare for the tour.

    A member of the Linden Advisory Committee or a professional staff member will work closely with the tour member to customize the training and maximize the productivity of the consultation. There will be no charge to the university for the consultation, but institutions must pay the reasonable travel costs associated with the visit.
  • All decisions of the Advisory Committee are final.
*Deposits for tour members who are not selected will be refunded in full.


4. Comprehensive Tour Fee

4. Comprehensive Tour Fee

Comprehensive Tour Fee Includes:

  • Economy-class airline travel within each region depending on type of tour selected* :
    • Full tour: all regional airfare is included in tour fee.
    • Consecutive Cities: all regional airfare between chosen cities is included. However, if additional cities are added these flights are the responsibility of the Tour Member to reserve and pay.
    • City Option: The Tour Member is responsible for all regional airfare.
  • Single hotel rooms
  • Transportation for group activities and schools visits with 7 or more tour members
  • Departure taxes for all cities and visa fees for China, Kuwait and Vietnam
  • Scheduling of visits to secondary schools/junior colleges/universities
  • Registration lists of all students in attendance at the University Fairs
  • Advertising, flyers and posters listing the names of participating universities
  • University Fair brochure describing the institutions on the tour
  • A members-only website containing educational, cultural and tour-specific information
  • Counselor workshops and Reverse Fairs in selected cities
  • Introductory meetings and welcome and farewell activities
  • Orientation materials, meetings and follow-up reports
  • Options for customizing the tour
  • Consultations for first-time Linden tour members/institutions
  • Contact information for overseas colleagues met on the tour
  • Professional tour leader(s)


* Airline travel is booked well in advance and is subject to increases. Any increases of over 5%, occurring after a tour priority deadline, will be invoiced to the participating university.

5. Additional Services

5. Additional Services:

Linden offers but does not pay for:

  • Business or first-class airfare within each region
  • Shipment of materials to the fair sites
  • Cultural activities


Linden does not pay for:

  • Overseas airfare (Partcipants are responsible for making there own arrangements to the first/final tour cities)
  • Personal expenses such as taxis, telephone, fax or laundry charges
Tour fees are listed with information about each specific tour. Tour members should also budget for airfare to first/final tour city, a possible hotel stay in that city, the cost of mailing materials, and approximately $60 a day for food and local transportation.


6. Terms and Conditions

6. Conditions of Responsibility/Liability:

Conditions of Responsibility and Liability
Linden Educational Services, Inc. reserves the right to make changes to the tour if, in its judgment, this becomes necessary or desirable and is in the best interest of the participants.

Linden acts as the representative for the tour participants only with respect to arrangements for hotels, airlines, publicity, and other services described above, and as such holds itself free from liability for any loss, injury, delay, or damage from any cause beyond its control. Tour participants will receive information from Linden regarding personal insurance and trip contingency. Such insurance is offered by persons other Linden and Linden makes no representations or warranties concerning the nature or quality of such insurance coverage. (plus than)


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