Promotional Activities


Shortly before departure, we will send you a magnetic name badge so students and counselors can easily identify you as a member of the Linden Tour. Please wear it during all professional activities.

Business Cards

Each of the educational counselors, guidance counselors and other educators we meet on our trip receive an organized set of business cards identifying the Linden Tour members. The business card "sleeves" have become a Linden tradition, so be sure your cards are included in the packet by sending us the specified quantity before the submission deadline.


Two of the most popular promotional methods used to announce the University Fairs are flyers and posters listing the names of the colleges and universities on the tour. These materials are distributed to secondary schools, junior colleges, universities, government offices and advising centers throughout the region.

It is the responsibility of everyone participating in the tour to increase the attendance at our public programs. Therefore, you can print as many flyers as you need to include in your mailings to:

  • Students in your applicant pool
  • Alumni
  • Parents of current students
  • Professional colleagues
  • Friends and others in the region


A current version of the flyers can be downloaded as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. To view this file, you will need a Acrobat Reader software that is freely distributed by Adobe Systems Inc.

Linden Web Site

The Linden Tours website is a good source of information for our three main constituents:

  • Prospective tour members;
  • Tour members who are participating in a specific tour; and
  • International students


The website promotes our University Fairs and the institutions participating on the Linden Tour, as well as providing information to students about studying in the United States.

Newspaper Ads

Ads announcing our University Fairs are placed in well-known newspapers shortly before our arrival. The names of the papers and dates are given on the itinerary. In an effort to attract a targeted audience and to improve your name recognition, the ads list the names of the participating universities so students can anticipate who will be at the Fair.


Shortly before departure you will receive a table sign featuring the name of your institution and its location. The table signs are used at the University Fairs and the high school college fairs.

Tour Brochure

The tour brochure, our promotional piece de resistance, is an 8.5" by 11" page booklet summarizing current information about the colleges and universities on the tour. A field of study chart lists majors by degree, and an information chart gives data on enrollment, TOEFL requirements, costs and financial aid possibilities. A map indicating geographic locations of the participating institutions is also included.

The tour brochure is given to all students we see on the tour. Many counselors use the brochure to show students how they can compare institutions, so it is important that the information is accurate. Please help us by updating your profile with complete information by the submission deadline. Please note that the brochure is intended to help students make preliminary choices; it does not replace your institutions' written information.