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Linden Tours Australia with Optional New Zealand Tour Photo
Australia/New Zealand Tour
May 6th – 12th
Auckland - Sydney – Melbourne – Brisbane
Australia is a stable market that has been growing steadily over the past

few years. The country has been recession free for 26 years now, and growth in 2018 is estimated to be around 2.5%. According to the latest Open Doors report, there are currently 4,752 Australians studying in the US, an increase of five percent over the previous year.

Over the past four years, Linden has seen firsthand a growing interest in studying in the United States.

Our tour this year travels from Sydney to Melbourne to Brisbane with a fourth stop on the Gold Coast for the first time. It is planned as a fast paced series of events over the course of one week. Additionally, we are offering an optional pre-tour stop in Auckland, New Zealand.  We look forward to building on our very successful fist visit last spring. 

We are confident that the increased visibility of EDUSA, and our continued involvement in the region will help promote the U.S. as the premier destination for higher education.

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Australia with Optional New Zealand Tour Spring 2018
May 3 - May 13

Sydney, Australia
Visiting: Sunday, May 6 to Tuesday, May 8

Melbourne, Australia
Visiting: Tuesday, May 8 to Thursday, May 10

Brisbane, Australia
Visiting: Thursday, May 10 to Saturday, May 12

Priority Deadline for Spring Tour Applications:
Friday, December 15, 2017

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Full Tour:

All of our tours are flexible and customizable to fit your institution's budget and recruitment needs! Looking for something else?? Call the Linden office at (949) 612 - 8131

Includes school visits, Linden University Fairs, hotels, ground transportation and regional airfare. 

Add-on cities are not included. 

Please see the calendar for more details.

$4,200 (by priority deadline)
$4,450 (after priority deadline)

Full Tour No Hotels:

Includes school visits, Linden University Fairs, ground transportation, and regional airfare.

$2,500 (by priority deadline)
$2,750 (after priority deadline)

New Zealand Add On:

This option includes: hotels, ground transportation, and school visits.

$2,100 (by priority deadline)
$2,200 (after priority deadline)

New Zealand Add On - No Hotels:

This option includes school visits and ground transportation 

$1,000 (by priority deadline)
$1,100 (after priority deadline)

Market Commentary

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Number of Participants:
The tours are limited to 40 participants. An additional 10 universities may participate on a fairs-only basis.